Good Weather Girl are London’s best kept secret.  They play energetic Indie/Art Rock and are fronted by sister/brother duo Dion October and Shem Lucas, who are the children of Punk style icon Soo Catwoman.  Their differing tastes and musical influences meet in an alchemical blend that is catchy, raunchy and carefree, fun-loving and wild.

Their first ever appearance was an acoustic set at Tate Britain as part of the 250th Anniversary celebrations of the birth of poet William Blake.  After uploading some songs onto MySpace they attracted the attention of German independent label Hazelwood.  The result was their 2010 debut album ‘Boon’.  A tour of Germany followed, where they were well received by audiences playing as an upbeat acoustic duo.

Dion’s lead vocals are reminiscent of a dreamy siren song that you don’t always wake up in time from before being dashed against the rocks.  At times she screams unexpectedly like a woman scorned, demanding what she wants – and now!  Shem’s thrashy, loud guitar creates a sense of ragged urgency at a fast pace - check them out and see the sparks fly!

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